21 Sep 2011

Competition Rules 2021-2022



The rules stated below shall be in addition to those entitled “General Competition Rules”.


  • ESFA Danone U11 7-a-side Schools’ Cup for School Teams
  • ESFA Danone U11 7-a-side Schools’ Cup for Girls
  • ESFA Danone U11 Small Schools’ Soccer Sevens
  • ESFA Danone U11 7-a-side Inter Association Trophy


  1. The Trophies shall be offered for annual competition in Schools/Associations in affiliated membership with the English Schools’ Football Association.
  2. To be eligible to enter the Small Schools’ Soccer Sevens, the affiliated school must have fewer than 100 pupils on Roll in Key Stage Two, and not more than 30 pupils in Year 6 as of 1st September. Schools that qualify for the Small Schools’ Soccer Sevens may enter that competition OR the Schools’ Cup for School Teams – not both.


  1. Only boys/girls receiving full-time education in accordance with the Education Acts, on the roll of a school affiliated to the ESFA and to their Local Association and who are under the age of 11 and who are over the age of 9 years at midnight between the previous 31st August and 1st September shall be allowed to take part in these competitions. (Year 5 and 6 only)
  2. Each School/Association will select a squad of 10 players.
  3. These competitions are available to mixed teams except for the 7-a-side Girls’ Cup. Note: this competition is specifically designed to enhance the development of girls' football.


  1. All games throughout this competition will be played outdoors.
  2. Local Associations: For Individual Schools’ Competitions, each Local Association shall stage its own competition, providing its own Champion School to the County Competition.
  3. County Associations: Each County Association shall stage its own County Competitions to find its own County Champion School/Association to represent the County in the appropriate Regional Competition. All County Championships must be played by a date decided annually by Council. Full details of these County Championships must be sent to the ESFA Chief Executive, giving a minimum of 28 (twenty-eight) days’ notice before the event takes place.
  4. Regional Competitions: The County Champion School/Association will play in one of four regional competitions. Schools/Associations representing counties shall travel to play at a suitable venue in each region. Details of the territory to be covered by each of the four regions will be decided by Council. The Regional Competitions shall each provide at least one entrant to the National Finals.


  1. Local and County Associations: The Secretary of the Association shall appoint the match officials.
  2. Regional Competitions: The Council Member in whose area the Regional Competition is being staged shall appoint the match officials.
  3. National Finals: The match officials shall be appointed by Council.


  1. Matches will consist of two periods of seven minutes with the teams changing straight round at half time.
  2. Teams should play in “league format”, followed by a “knock-out” section to determine the Champion School/Association. This two section competition will ensure that every team will play more than one game. In the League Section, a win will gain 3 points, and a draw will gain 1 point. Should teams share a qualifying position in the league the position shall be decided on goal difference. Should points and goal difference be equal the winners shall be the team scoring the most goals. If this fails to determine the winning team, the position shall be decided by a play-off in accordance with 6(c).
  3. If the scores are level at the end of normal time in a “knock-out” section of the Competition, play will continue for a period of six minutes, three minutes each way. If this fails to determine the winning team, the position will be decided by penalty kicks, taken in accordance with the regulation of FIFA, as published in the Laws of the Game. Where the National Final ends in a draw, extra-time shall be played. If the game remains a draw, the Trophy shall be shared.
  4. Council may amend the structure and players rules for the National Finals should circumstances demand.


  1. A size 4 football shall be used.
  2. ESFA recommends that (i) the pitch sizes should follow the FA regulations for mini soccer for children age ten years or over and (ii) goalposts should be 6.5m wide and 2m high (7 yards x 6’6’’). It is recognised that local conditions may require of compromise in dimensions.

    Offside: The law relating to Offside does not apply in these competitions.

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