The ESFA Panini Classroom Challenge

As a result of their new partnership, Panini and the English Schools' FA have created some exciting national competitions for Primary and Secondary schools in England to take part in.

By using the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ as inspiration, we have created competitions as well as some fantastic supporting classroom resources to help teachers to plan lessons and encourage students to get involved over the 2018 Summer term. We have designed resources to fit each competition, but please feel free to browse the whole collection to take inspiration for any subject.

The world of football is about so much more than just a game and lends itself perfectly to Art & Design, Music, English, History and Geography, all of which we have taken into account when creating these competitions and designing resources to accompany them.

Schools may submit one entry per competition (max. three entries) and we would like to encourage you to hold your own internal competitions to judge the best entries to be put forward on behalf of the school. Whether entries are judged by other pupils, or the final say is had by the Headteacher, it's a great way to share experiences and work and for all pupils to have the chance to not only win prizes for themselves, but also win prizes that will benefit their whole school.

There are two rounds to each competition, and entries will be judged regionally and then nationally... but what's up for grabs?

  • Regional Winners:
    Each regional winner of the Primary School and Secondary School categories will receive a £50 voucher for the winning pupil to spend on sports equipment as well as a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Panini Sticker Album and Stickers; and the class winning the open age category will win a £250 voucher for school sports equipment.
  • National Winners:
    Each of the individual national winners will go on to receive a football shirt from the club of their choice as well as a trophy, presented to them by Panini. The class winning the open age category will also win a trophy and Panini merchandise. The schools representing all five winners will go on to receive a £1,000 voucher for school sports equipment.

Entry is open from 19 March 2018 (registration closes 29 March 2018) until Friday 11 May 2018 and entries can be submitted at any point during that time. Any entries received after 11 May will not be included in the competition.

With a chance to win £1,000 worth of sporting equipment for your school, there's no time to waste! Full terms and conditions as well as competition rules can be found on the ESFA website.


  • Category A: Design a cover for a FIFA World Cup™ football sticker album
    • Design a cover for a FIFA World Cup™ football sticker album. Ask pupils to design a cover for a FIFA World Cup™ sticker album, Panini have created some resources to help you with ideas and designs to really help inspire your students. Whether for a past event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ or an event in the future, you can use the examples and ideas provided to encourage your students to create their own version of a sticker album cover.
    • The cover should be no more than 1 side of A4 and can be based upon any of the examples provided, or a completely new idea and style
  • Category B: Write a short biography about a famous footballer who has played in a FIFA World Cup™ (200 words)
    • Encourage pupils to research and then write a short biography about a famous FIFA World Cup™ player. This can be any player, from any country, from any FIFA World Cup™. You can use the resources supplied by Panini to help discover new players and learn about them before pupils choose the one they think is the most interesting to write about.
    • We have provided a short word count because, when Panini write about players in FIFA World Cup™ matches, they have a limited amount of space to do so. Therefore, the challenge is to provide as much interesting information on a player as possible, in the most concise way.


  • Category A: Watch a previous FIFA World Cup™ final and write a match report (500 words)
    • Watch a previous FIFA World Cup™ final and write a match report. Use analytical and observational skills to condense 90 minutes of football down into a short report, capturing the magic and excitement of the Final and bringing it to life on the page.
    • Use the resources provided by Panini to discover the changes in World Cup finals throughout history and create a new angle to report the events that unfolded on that day.
  • Category B: Write a short history about football in any country which has featured in a FIFA World Cup™ and explain why football was important in that country (800 words)
    • This competition provides pupils with the opportunity to explore the rich history of football and discover some amazing facts about a huge number of countries worldwide. Linking in with geography as well as history and English, pupils can discover cultural changes, climate conditions and barriers to football that some countries have endured throughout history that have not stopped them from competing in this prestigious competition.
    • You can utilise some fantastic resources supplied by Panini to assist with this and to uncover facts and information from across the globe.


  • Write and record a song to support England in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
    • Write and record a song to support England in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
    • This is one for the whole class to join in singing the best song written by one or more class members.
    • Use your creative and musical talent to compose a catchy song suitable for England fans to sing their way to FIFA World Cup™ triumph.


Resources can be found below - if you have not received a password to access this information then please email us for more information.

Full terms and conditions can be downloaded via the files below.



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