ESFA Council


Chairman John Martin

John Martin

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman Phil Harding

Phil Harding

Chief Executive

Chief Executive Andrea Chilton

Andrea Chilton

FA Representative

The FA Representative Peter Clayton

Peter Clayton


Independent Marvin Robinson

Marvin Robinson


Independent Joshua Charalambous

Joshua Charalambous


Councillor Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston

Councillor Owen Aiston

Owen Aiston

Councillor Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith




Councillor Neil Hopwood

Neil Hopwood

Councillor Paul Rickard

Paul Rickard

Councillor Mark Hignett

Mark Hignett

Councillor Mark Warren

Mark Warren

South West

Councillor M J Coyne

Mike Coyne

Councillor Stuart Inger

Stuart Inger

Councillor John Martin

John Martin

Councillor Gerry Smith

Gerry Smith

South East

Councillor Stuart Botham

Stuart Botham

Councillor Phil Harding

Phil Harding

Councillor Dave Woollaston

Dave Woollaston

Councillor Mike Spinks

Mike Spinks


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